Open Mouth Grey Cat House


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Size Guideline


Height : 17cm
Diameter : 40cm
Hole Size(Diameter) : 14 - 15cm
Fits upto 4-6Kg (9-11 Pound) Cats.


Height : 25cm
Diameter : 50cm
Hole Size(Diameter) : 16 - 18cm
Fits upto 7-9 KG (16-20 Pound) Cats.


Height : 17cm
Diameter : 60cm
Hole Size(Diameter) : 17 - 19cm
Fits upto 10-12KG (22-26 Pound) Cats.

NOTE :  Every felt cat cave is thoroughly handmade from start to finish. So the size may vary slightly in every piece of art.

Care Instructions
  • We recommend vacuum cleaning to remove any dirts or debris on the product.

  • Clean any stains on the product with some sprays of hot water and few drops of dish soap. Rinse gently with your hand and let it air dry.

  • Always keep it in dry place.